Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Cement with Marble Dust Powder on Properties of Concrete

Authors: Shanu Sharma; Siddharth Pastariya; Gajendra Kumar Verma

Volume 5 Issue 9

September 2017

Page: 1-5


Concrete is the most extensively used and adaptable building material which is generally used to resist compressive forces. Since the use of cement and production of cement creates much more environmental issues and also it is costlier process. Hence Marble Dust Powder (MDP) can be used as a developing binding material that will allow the concrete industry to optimize
materiel use, produce financial profit and construct structures that will be strong, durable and sensitive to the environment. The probable usage of MDP can is an ideal choice if used as a substitute in a cementitious binder as its reacting efficiency increases due to the presence of lime. The surplus generated from the marble industries causes environmental problems. Hence the reuse of this surplus material has to be emphasized. It has been estimated that several million tons of MDP are produced during quarrying worldwide. Hence consumption of MDP has become a significant substitute materials towards the effective application in concrete for enhanced harden properties of concrete. A MDP, obtained as a by-product of marble cutting, sawing,
shaping was characterized from physical and chemical point of view for using it as binding material in production of concrete and mortar. Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from the transformation of a pure limestone. MDP contains high calcium oxide content of more than 50%. To avoid adverse
environmental circumstances, the content of cement is reduced in concrete and replaced by MDP which reduces cost and addition of MDP also increases strength and durability of concrete. The MDP was replaced with cement at 0%, 3.5%, 7%, 10.5%, 14%, 17.5% & 21% by weight for M25 grade concrete.


Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, Durability, Marble Dust Powder

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Shanu Sharma; Siddharth Pastariya; Gajendra Kumar Verma, “Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Cement with Marble Dust Powder on Properties of Concrete”, International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering (IJSHRE), ISSN: 2347-4890, vol 5 issue 9, pp 1-5, September 2017

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