iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 10 Issue 7
July - 2022

1Three-Phase Induction Motor Using Field-Oriented Control Under Various Conditions
Author(s): Nguyen Tien Thong
Pg: 1-5
2Equation of The Boiling Point in Concentrate Solution
Author(s): Setiyadi
Pg: 6-12
3Comparing Heuristic Efficiencies in Solving the Set Cover Problem
Author(s): Eric Kim
Pg: 13-24
4Comparative Study on Image Classification Using Different Optimizer
Author(s): Arshiya Mobeen M; Saistha
Pg: 25-31
5Optimum MPPT Scheme For Solar System Under Partial Shading Condition
Author(s): Shivam Singh; Dr. Imran Khan; Prof. Eeaz Anwar
Pg: 32-37
6Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Controller
Author(s): Pragati Singh; Imran Khan
Pg: 38-43
7Power System Source Optimum Distribution Using Ant-Colony Optimization Method
Author(s): Divyansh Pandey; Imran Khan
Pg: 44-59
8Short Term Irradiation Forecasting Using ANFIS
Author(s): Ajay Kumar Ahirwar; Imran Khan
Pg: 60-69
9Id – Iq Theory Based DSTATCOM for Compensation of Reactive Power and Harmonics
Author(s): Garima Dixit; Imran Khan; Malik Rafi
Pg: 70-76
10Automated Power system protection Scheme for Smart Grid Using Particle Swarm Optimization method
Author(s): Indresh Yadav; Imran Khan
Pg: 77-85
11Application of Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Maximum Power Tracking
Author(s): Vikas Yadav; Imran Khan
Pg: 86-96

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