IJSHRE Volume 2 Issue 4

1. A Survey: Mining Adverse Drug Reaction Pg.1-4
Authors: R.Sindhulakshmi,   D.Saravana Priya, Dr.M.Karthikeyan  View PDF  
2. Dimensional Effect on Flexural Strength of Prestressed Concrete Beam by Incorporating Glass Fibers and Fly Ash Pg.5-13
Authors: Sudhir P.Patil, Keshav K.Sangle  View PDF  
3. Hybrid Scalable and Efficient Routing Method for WSN Based on Fuzzy and A-Star Algorithm Pg.14-21
Authors: Dr. S.S.Sonavane, Mr.Kiran Napte  View PDF  
4. Adopting a key Exchange Mechanism to Eliminate the Requirements of Pre-distributed key in MANET Pg.22-24
Authors: : N.Arunmani, S.Kannan, S.Karthik  View PDF  
5. The POR Protocol: Tying Data To Geographic Locations In Mobile Disconnected Networks Pg.25-29
Authors: Murugesh.A, Kala.I, Dr. Karthik .S  View PDF  
6. Image Retreival Based On Colour, Texture And Shape Analysis Using Genetic Algorithm Pg.30-35
Authors: K.Kalaiyarasi , Asst.Prof A.Kabilar  View PDF  
7. Power quality improvement with series and shunt active power filters (APF) at load end Pg.36-40
Author: B.V.S.Acharyulu,  V.V.Ramana Murthy,  S.Sandhya rani,  M.Abhish Kumar,  K.Yerrinaidu  View PDF  
8. Intelligent Volume Controller In Presence Of Bachground Noise Pg.41-49
Authors: . Aarti Neema, Umang Rastogi  View PDF  
9. A closed concept for OFDM-Synchronization in 3GPP LTE Systems Pg.50-57
Authors: Khyati Chopra and K.K. Gupta  View PDF  
Authors: Ramya.S, Dr.Kalaikumaran.T, Dr. Karthik.S View PDF  
11 Evaluation of Medical Parameters Using Android Smartphone  Pg.61-64
Authors: Vrushali Gadade, Rohan Musale  View PDF  
12. Biomechanical Analysis Of Lumbar Spine Image Using Bilateral Filter And Canny Edge Detection Algorithm (This paper is  removed by the request of author) Pg. 65-71
Authors: E.Punarselvam, Dr.P.Suresh  View PDF  
13. Effects of Personalisation on Web Search Pg. 72-75
Authors: Vikas Verma,  Sunil Dhawan View PDF  
14. Intelligent DVFS architecture for a Multi-Core Systems Pg.76-81
Authors: K.Kohila Padmanaban, J.Mangaiyarkarasi View PDF  
15. Copyright Protection and Authentication of Image using Watermarking   Pg. 82-85
Authors: Prashant S. Dhotre, Ankita Daga,  Sanman Borate,  Alankrita Khadtare,  Mayur Singhania View PDF  
16. Augmenting The Quality Of Testing Through Code Out-Righting Using Mutation Testing   Pg. 86-90
Authors: Kannan.B, Kavitha.M, Dr Karthik.S   View PDF  
17. Complex Wavelet-Based Fusion Involved In Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation   Pg. 91-96
Authors: M.Hemarlin, S.Elaveni  View PDF  
18. Reducing The Energy Consumption In Multilevel Caches Using Partial Tag And Cbf Technique   Pg. 97-101
Authors: R.Yasoth,  I.Shanthi,  R.Sangeetha  View PDF  
 19. Procuring Data Storage Security In Cloud Environment By Using Two Step Secure Protocol    
 Authors: Gokulan.V, Dr. Kalaikumaran.T, Dr. Karthik .S   View PDF  Pg. 102-107
 20.  To Compare The Linear And Non-Linear Equalizer Performance On MUI In CDMA System    
 Authors: Vivek Pandey, A.C. Tiwari  View PDF  Pg. 108-111
 21. Resonant Converter With Universal Active Power Filter (Pwm) In Single Phase Applications    
Authors: Rishika Parihar, Deepti Sharma and Payal Suhane View PDF  Pg. 112-115