Volume 3 Issue 1


1. A Review on Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Pg. 1-6
Author(s):Keerti Puloria, Mr. Sachin Mahajan Download


2. A Review on Different Association Rule Mining Algorithms Pg. 7-13
Author(s):Shahana Sheikh, Mr. Rupesh Patidar Download


3. A Survey: IRIS Recognition With Different Techniques Pg. 14-17
Author(s):Amrata Gupta, Mr. Sachin Mahajan Download


4. Single-Stage Power Conversion PV-Battery System by Using Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) Pg. 18-28
Author(s):Reena Jain, Neelesh Patel Download


5. Removal of Moiré Patterns in Frequency Domain Pg. 29-32
Author(s):Khanjan Pandya Download


6. Compressive Sensing Receiver with HIC Pg. 33-37
Author(s):Priya Rathore; Pratik Kumar Soni; Virendra Verma Download


7. Capsulization on Hybrid Silicon Laser Pg. 38-42
Author(s):Prof. Shyam D. Bawankar; Prof. Hitesh V. Chopade; Prof.Pallavi Patil Download


8. Detection of Vampire Attack in Wireless Ad-hoc Network Pg. 43-48
Author(s):Ankita Shrivastava; Rakesh Verma Download


9. Jamming Attack Detection and Performance Evaluation for IEEE 802.11 by Using OPNET Pg. 49-53
Author(s):Ankita Singh; Dr C S Satsangi Download


10. Efficient Power Utilization with Reactive Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks under the influence of Application layer Attack Pg. 54-58
Author(s):  Amit Holkar; Neha Shinde Holkar Download