IJSHRE Volume 4 Issue 12

December 2016

1. NI based Time Dissemination of Timing Information over UHF Pg. 1-4
Author(s):Pranita Behera  Download


2. Bayesian Neural Network Impact on Email Spam Filter Pg. 5-8
Author(s):S. Prince Sahaya Brighty; Dharsana.R; HariniParthiban Download


3. A Nonlinear Predictive Control for Mobile Robot Navigation Pg. 9-21
Author(s):Mohammadghasem Bahrami Samani  Download


4. Design of Low Power Digital Barrel Shifter Data path Circuit Pg. 22-30
Author(s):M. Ashok Kumar; B.Venkatesh; S.Ahmed Basha; K.PrasadBabu; K.Sudhakar Download


5. High Speed, Low power 70nm Double Tail Comparator Pg. 31-37
Author(s):Deepanshu Mandloi; Rakesh Mandliya; Nitin Pal Download


6. Design of a C-type Passive Filter for Reducing Harmonic Distortion and Reactive Power Compensation Pg. 38-47
Author(s): I A Shah, R K Ali, N Khan Download


7. Image Encryption Techniques under
Various Noise Attacks: A Survey
Pg. 48-56
Author(s):Ms.Garima Pal;  Prof.Vijay Verma Download


8. An Optimized Analysis of Phonocardogram
Signals Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Pg. 57-62
Author(s):Jagriti Bhatore ; Mr.Vinod K Sonkar Download