February 2017

1. Secured Federated Data Management in Distributed Mobile Cloud Computing Pg. 1-10
Authors : Abubakar Usman Othman; Muhammad B. Abdullahi; Moses Timothy   Download


2. Detection of Tumor Cells using Symmetry Method Pg. 11-16
Authors: N Lohitesh  Kumar; Sushritha S; Mahesh N Download


3. A Survey on Peak to Average Power Reduction Techniques for OFDM Systems Pg. 17-22
Authors: Monalisa Kanade; Amish Kumar Jha




4. Biometric Recognition Pg. 23-27
Author(s):  : Supriya S. Laykar ,  S. B. Patil 


5. An Improved Recommendation System via Web Usage Mining and Content Mining Pg. 28-37
Author(s):  Shweta Mishra, Dr C.S. Satsangi




6. Context-free Grammars for Macedonian Language Pg. 34-38
Author(s):  : Kristina Bikoska; Slavco Chungurski; Emilija Kamceva