iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 6 Issue 11
November - 2018

1Self-assembled monolayer of carbazoles derivates for corrosion protection of copper in NaCl solution
Author(s): Mounim Lebrini; Christophe Roos
Pg: 1-7
2Customizable and Divisible Card Payment
Author(s): Pratik Matkar; Aayush Joshi
Pg: 8-14
3Development of The Whole Household Electrical Appliances Lifecycle Management Mode Based on Petri Net Model
Author(s): Yanqiao Feng
Pg: 15-19
Author(s): HieuD. Vu
Pg: 20-26
5A Real-time Fire Detection Model Based on Cascade Strategy
Author(s): Jing Wu; Chunxue Wu; Yan Wu
Pg: 27-37
6An Efficient K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm to Determine SOP File System
Author(s): Farrukh Arslan
Pg: 38-47

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