iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 9 Issue 1

1Survey on Machine Learning for Crop Prediction Using Soil Nutrients Data
Author(s): R. Kesavamoorthy; Sameer Paudel; Riyaz Nakarmi; Prashant Giri; Shantanu Bahadur Karki
Pg: 1-4
2A Review on Data Security in Cloud Computing
Author(s): Dr. Keshao D. Kalaskar; Ms. Shipra Yadav and Dr. Pankaj Dhumane
Pg: 5-18
3The Distinction between Basic and Applied Research – Did Vannevar Bush Described a Truth or Create It?
Author(s): Shin-Jye Lee ; Ching-Hsun Tseng ; Hsueh-Cheng Liu
Pg: 19-20

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