iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 9 Issue 11
November - 2021

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1Microstructural Investigation of Cast 6063 Aluminium Rods Produced From Sand and Permanent Cast Moulds
Author(s): Dayo Hephzibah, Oladebeye; Ebenezer Rotimi, Adefidipe; Wasiu Ayinde, Issa
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Pg: 1-6
2Load Frequency Control of multi Area System with the help of ANN and ANFIS based Optimizer
Author(s): Mr. Ritesh Bagdi; Ms. Neha Shrivastava
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Pg: 7-13
3A comparative study for Short Term Load Forecasting using ANN with and without Wavelet transform
Author(s): Mr. Govind Agrawal; Ms. Neha Shrivastava
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Pg: 14-19
4Fault Location Estimation for a Bipolar HVDC transmission line using different Back propagation Algorithms of ANN
Author(s): Ms. Shivani Jharbade; Ms. Neha Shrivastava
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Pg: 20-27
5Play Music to Tune up your Mood
Author(s): Kaustav Kalra; Reetu Jain
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Pg: 28-32
6Screening Liver tumor with 3D-IRCAD, ResUNet Model
Author(s): Vedant Swamy; Reetu Jain
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Pg: 33-40
7Optimization of Production Planning Using Linear Programming
Author(s): Emmalia Adriantantri; Sri Indriani
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Pg: 41-46
8The Future of LiFi Technology to Transfer the Data
Author(s): Tia Mishra; Ritu Jain
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Pg: 47-53
9Autonomous Assistance in Guitar Tutoring for Uninterrupted Self Learning and Practice
Author(s): Avni Prateek Mehta; Ritu Jain
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10Review Paper on Virtual Private Network Load Balancing With EIGRP Routing Protocol
Author(s): Inderjeet Singh; Damandeep Kaur
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