Volume 5 Issue 9

1. Accounting Entries under GST Regime: A Descriptive study  Pg: 1-7
 Author(s):  Nurul Hoda; Nargish Bano  PDF
2. Indian Breakthrough Technology to address sugar – the threatening certainty facing mankind  Pg:8-14
 Author(s): Dr. C.K.Nandagopalan  PDF


3. Women’s Street Vending to secure their daily
survival in Urban Life of Dire Dawa: Challenges and Prospects
 Author(s): Shambel Tufa  PDF
4. Culture-Sensitive Global Strategies of Multi National Companies  Pg: 25-28
 Author(s): Dr.Paras Jain  PDF
5. Green Marketing concept Through Marketing Mix Approach And Consumer Knowledge On Buying Interest And Buying Decision For the Body Shop In Pekanbaru  Pg: 29-33
 Author(s): Wan Annisya, Alvi Furwanti Alwie, Susi Hendriani  PDF

6. The Government Role as Moderation of Farmer Behavior to Meet the Food Need Influence on Farmer’s Household Food Security  Pg: 34-44
 Author(s): Teguh Soedarto, Hamidah Hendrarini  PDF

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