IJournals: International Journal of Social Relevance & Concern (IJSRC)
Volume 9 Issue 10

1Newspapers’ Framing and Reportage of Illegal Usage of Arms during Elections in Nigeria
Author(s): DADA, Oluwayemisi Ruth; ADETOLA, Samson Adesegun
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Pg: 1-8
2Next Generation Network (NGN): New Strategy in the Context of Continuity of Care
Author(s): Gabriele Cataldi; Daniele Cataldi; Elisabetta D’Eramo

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.10.2021.91004
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Pg: 9-25
3Mortality Analysis Between 0 And 44 Years of Age, In The Time Range Between 2016 and 2021 in the European Continent
Author(s): Daniele Cataldi; Gabriele Cataldi

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.10.2021.91005
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Pg: 26-34
4Language Contained in Barangay Utod, Patag and Pangasugan
Author(s): G. Reymar C. Oria; Norlyn L. Borong

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.10.2021.91001
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Pg: 35-41
5Taiwan Stock Market Investment for the Future Market Forecast
Author(s): Li-Wei Lin; Shih-Yung Wei; Yu-Xin Teng

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.10.2021.91007
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Pg: 42-50
6Analysis of Factors Affecting Earnings Management in Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia
Author(s): Reschiwati; Marini Anggie Putri Siregar; Aang Syahdina

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.10.2021.91006
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Pg: 51-75
7A Critical Discourse Analysis of Paradigm Shift in Men Versus Women Discourses
Author(s): Nwaugo Goodseed Ochulor

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.10.2021.91009
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Pg: 76-84
8Urban Traffic System in Bangladesh: A Study on Sylhet City Corporation
Author(s): Fatema Khatun
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Pg: 85-97
9Research on the Integration Path of Ideological and Political Education and Psychological Education for College Students
Author(s): Qinjuan Ma; Pingshui Wang
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Pg: 98-102
10The Effect of Beauty and the Beast
Author(s): Hyewon Cho
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Pg: 102-110
11Art History: Renaissance Art and How it Borrows from Classical Art
Author(s): Danielle Sung
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Pg: 111-116
12An Inquiry for Indonesia’ Commitment in Preventing Sexual Violence against Children
Author(s): Dewi Nurvianti; Erni Handayani Situmorang

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.10.2021.91014
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Pg: 117-122

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