Volume 1 Issue 1 JUNE 2017

1. To Study The Efficacy Of Ferrum Phos In Management Of Iron Deficiency Anemia Pg. 1-4
Author(s) : Dr. Parth Aphale   Download


2. A detailed scope of Pharmacy education for its inter-related fields and various choices of students in selecting their carriers after the graduation: A review Pg. 5-10
Author(s): Nazneen Begum, Sajeena Sanobar, Nuha Rasheed, Abdul Saleem Mohammad Download


3. Design And Characterization Of Murrayanine Linked Isoxazole Derivatives: Novel Class Of Bacteriocidal Agents Pg. 11-15
Author(s):Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, Ruchi S. Shivhare, Tomy Muringayil Joseph  Download


4. Influence Of Light On Α-Tocopherol Content In Sesamum Indicum Nigrum (Black Sesame) Oil Used In Ayurvedic Formulations Pg. 16-19
Author(s): Mazahir Raza


5. This paper has been removed Pg. 20-22


6. Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Cream from Azadirachta indica ethanolic extract Pg. 23-26
Author(s) : Himaja. N Download


7. Volatile Constituent of Cinnamon and Their Potential Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities Pg. 27-33
Authors : Hicham Boughendjioua; Samah Djeddi; Nadia Amoura




8. A Review On Insilico Approaches In New Drug Development Pg. 35-44
Authors: Jolly Samu, Deepu Ravindran, Aiswarya K, Anju Thomas,  Adithya E.K