1. Dynamic Capacity Enhancement 4G Using a Smart Antenna in Wireless Communication Pg.1-6
Authors:  Prof. Giriraj Prajapati,Prof. K.C Mahajan  View PDF  
2. Development of Advanced RISC  Microprocessor based embedded system with embedded operating system for robot  Pg.7-13
Authors: Vaishak N L, Shilpa B   View PDF  
3. Intelligent Speed Violation Detection System Pg.14-17
Authors: Sukhdeep Singh,Rishma Chawla,Harpal Singh  View PDF  
4. Pggibacking method combined with SHCS techniques  for spot jamming attack in wireless network Pg.18-22
Authors N.Kavitha, A.ArunJoseph  View PDF  
5. Facilitate scheme for detecting hotspot incursion in wireless sensor network Pg.23-28
6. Progressive Review Counters for proficient Cooperative Caching in Web Search Engines Pg.29-33
Authors: S. Ramaiah, P.Venkateswara  Rao  View PDF  
7. A cloud based framework for cloud computing Pg.34-37
Authors: GowthamKrishnaKumar S, Ramesh Ragala  View PDF  
8. A Novel Frequent Features Prediction Model for Heart Disease Diagnosis Pg.38-43
Authors: Atul Kumar Pandey, Prabhat Pandey, K.L. Jaiswal, Ashish Kumar Sen  View PDF  
9. Variation of RMR for different rock types as immediate roof in Jharia Coalfield of India Pg.44-55
Authors: Ajoy Kumar Singh, Subodh Kumar Sinha, Avinash Paul  View PDF  
10. Efficient Power Utilization with Reactive Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks under the influence of Application layer Attack Pg.56-61
Authors: Amit Holkar; Neha Shinde Holkar View PDF  
11 DSP Based High Power DC-DC Converter Pg.62-66
Authors: Vinod Sonkar, Nihal Gupta, Jeetendra Managre View PDF  
12. Evaluation of Performance of AODV over DSDV Protocol using Blackhole attack in MANET Pg.67-72
Authors:Ajay Sharma, Renu Verma View PDF  
13. A New Secure Encryption Algorithm Using Combination of Cryptography and Steganography Pg. 73-76
Authors: Payal Gupta, Ravimohan, Sumit Sharma View PDF  
14. Performance Evaluation of MANET Routing Protocols with Scalability for HTTP Traffic Delay Using OPNET Modeler Pg.77-82
Authors: Mandeep Singh, Balwinder Singh View PDF  
15. Recent Advancement In Devanagari Hand Writing Recognition Pg.83-89
Author: Pratibha Singh View PDF  
16. Performance Comparison Of Various Techniques In Denoising The Speech Signal Pg.90-95
Authors:Dharmendra Kumar Yadaw ; Pratibha Singh View PDF  
17. Offline Signature Verification Using Fuzzy Logic Pg.96-100
Authors: Pratibha Singh; Roopal Patel View PDF  
Authors:  Shailendra S. Khinchi  View PDF