1. A Survey on Montgomery Modular Multiplication Algorithm used in Cryptography System Pg.1-3
Authors:  Jaya Bansal, Jagdish Nagar   View PDF  
2. Design and Construction of Suction Pump for the Control of Domestic Insects Pg.4-9
Authors: Zoaka, D. B., Alhaji, A.U., Burmamu, B.R., Tya, T.S.K., Kabri, H.U.   View PDF  
3. Impact of Finite Circular Ground Plane on the Radiation Patterns of the Monopole Antenna Pg.10-16
Authors: Lusekelo Kibona   View PDF  
4. Gain Enhancement of the Monopole Antenna Pg.17-22
Authors: Lusekelo Kibona   View PDF  
5. Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering Width from An Infinity Cylinder by Variation of the Normalized Radius  Pg.23-28
Authors: Lusekelo Kibona   View PDF  
6. Raptor Code to Provide Security Services in Cloud Pg.29-33
Authors: M. Newlin Rajkumar, A.Merin Rexiha   View PDF  
7. Dynamic Allocation method for efficient Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Environment  Pg.34-37
Authors: T.T.Deepa   View PDF  
8. An efficient and secure storage using delegated access control in Multi-Cloud environment Pg.38-42
Authors: M.Newlin Rajkumar, P.M.Benson Mansingh, Dr.V.Venkatesa kumar   View PDF  
9. Hybrid Intrusion Detection System with Higher Detection Accuracy Pg.43-45
Authors: S .Kamesh   View PDF  
10. Video Stegnography Based on Improved DCT 32*32 Vector Quantization  Method Pg.46-51
Authors: Prajna Vasudev, Kumar Saurabh  View PDF  
11 Policies For Development Of Photovoltaic Technology:A Review Pg.52-57
Authors: Deepika chauhan, Sanjay Agarwal, Mahendra Kumar Suman  View PDF  
12. Efficient image watermark based on image Quality metric Pg.58-64
Authors: Suman Shivhare, Swati Tiwari, Rajat Chouksey View PDF  
13. Security Challenges and it’s Solutions in Wireless Networks  Pg. 65-68
Authors: Chitra J. Patil, Shruti N. Pardeshi  View PDF  
14. A Hardware/Software Co-Design Architecture Implementation of Canny Edge Detection using FPGA and MATLAB  Pg. 69-73
Authors: Mallavarapu.Ramu, T.V.S.Adinarayana View PDF  
15. Design and Implementation of an Efficient Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring System  Pg. 74-78
Authors :N. NarendraKumar , K. Vinayswethi, V.Naveen Kumar View PDF  
16. An Adaptive Fault Tolerance Management In Cloud Computing Using Replication And Fragmentation  Pg.79-82
Authors: M.R. Arunya, M. Karthic View PDF  
17. Srr Full Anonymity Protection In Manets  Pg. 83-87
Authors :Merly Varghese, A. Rengarajan  View PDF  
18. Study Of Implementation Of Intrusion Detection System (Ids) Via Different Approachs Pg, 88-92
Authors : Sachin Malviya,  Suneet Joshi  View PDF  
19. An Enhanced Authentication Scheme Based On Attribute Encryption For Personal Health Record Sharing  Pg: 93-96
Author: M. Newlin Rajkumar, Anju Achenkunju, V. Venkatesa Kumar View PDF  
20. Study of Opportunistic Network and MANET Pg. 97-100
Authors:Dinakar.S, R.M.Bhavadharini, S.Karthik View PDF  
21. Time Series Decomposition Analysis of Production Quantity Using Historical data Pg. 101-115
Authors: Ezeliora Chukwuemeka Daniel, Ubani Nelson O.Umeh Maryrose Ngozi, Mbeledeogu Njide N.  View PDF  
22. Social Network Analysis – A Survey on Privacy of personal Data Pg. 116-123
Authors: Dushyant Tanna  View PDF  
Authors:  Shailendra S. Khinchi  View PDF