iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 10 Issue 10
October - 2022

1An Integrated Approach to Select the Dream Team for a Cricket Match
Author(s): Krish Patwari; Reetu Jain
Pg: 1-12
2Smart Mask for Monitoring of Respiratory Condition for High Activity- Person During various scenarios
Author(s): Aryaman Mehta; Reetu Jain
Pg: 13-18
3A novel method to maximize the farm resources using Mask - RNN based algorithm
Author(s): Nishad Gupta; Reetu Jain
Pg: 19-26
4Intelligent System to Detect the Extent of Chemical Reaction by Monitoring the Colour Change of the Solution
Author(s): Ranbir Minocha; Reetu Jain
Pg: 27-33
5Kathak Dance Step Mapping Using LSTM
Author(s): Sehar Randhawa; Reetu Jain
Pg: 34-40
6Deep Learning Based Indian Sign Language Classification
Author(s): Suvidhi Bam ; Reetu Jain
Pg: 41-46
7Experiment on a novel approach toward quantifying the toxicity level of the soil around the Yamuna River and checking the impact of polluted water on the soil
Author(s): Tanush Arora; Vikramjeet Singh; Reetu Jain
Pg: 47-61
8Probability of Pressure Invariance on the Faces of an Enclosed Rectangular Container
Author(s):Vedant Mamidwar; Reetu Jain
Pg: 62-67
9Assessment of Quality of The Wheat Grain Using Image Processing and Mask R-CNN
Author(s): Aditi Ladda; Yuvit Batra; Reetu Jain
Pg: 68-77
10Voltage Flicker Mitigation Using GTO-Based STATCOM To Improve Power Quality of A Multi Machine System
Author(s): Mr. Kapil Malviya; Mr. Lokesh Patidar
Pg: 78-85
11Flare – A Community-Based SOS Application
Author(s): Sanil Arun Chawla; Arun Kumar G
Pg: 86-90
12Analysis of a Split Dihedral and Anhedral Arrangement of the Rear Wing of a Formula One Car
Author(s): Aryaman Modi; Reetu Jain
Pg: 91-98
13An Approach to Differential Evaluation and Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease using Image Processors, and Machine Learning
Author(s):Yashvardhan Mayur Verma ; Reetu Jain
Pg: 99-105
14Eye Disease Detection and Classification from Retinal Images using Convolutional Neural Networks
Author(s):Anvesha Mongia; Reetu Jain; Syed Abou Iltaf Hussain
Pg: 106-118
15Malignant Nodule Detection: A new approach towards early prediction of Lung Cancer using X-ray data
Author(s):Sia Sehgal; Reetu Jain
Pg: 119-127
163-Wheel Omnidirectional Warehouse Automation Solution
Author(s):Zorawar Singh Gulati; Reetu Jain
Pg: 128-135
17Design and Development of Intelligent Robotic System for Precision Agriculture
Author(s): Daudi S. Simbeye; Eliphas F. Tongora
Pg: 136-144
18Gas Detectors and Leak Detectors for the Industry
Author(s): Vidisha Chopra; Reetu Jain
Pg: 145-153
19Fault analysis of PMDC motors
Author(s): Aarush Saxena ; Reetu Jain
Pg: 154-161
20Testing Maneuverability of Electromechanical All Wheel Steering System
Author(s): Aditya Bhagwani; Reetu Jain
Pg: 162-169
21Reactive and Proactive Routing Protocols Review Analysis Based on working Mechanism
Author(s): Navjeet Kaur; Damandeep Kaur
Pg: 170-74
22A New Look At Groupoid And Cancellation Law
Author(s): Gambo, Jeremiah Gyam; Tella, Yohanna
Pg: 175-189

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