iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 10 Issue 5
May - 2022

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1Glycerol Conversion from Biodiesel of Cooking Oil with Recydu Catalytic Cracking Catalyst At Pertamina
Author(s): Kiagus Ahmad Roni; Netty Herawati; Mardwita; Rifdah; Ami Junia; M. Rizky Syahri R
Pg: 1-6
2Sewer Guard - Protector for Manhole Scavengers
Author(s): Aarush Mahajan; Reetu Jain
Pg: 7-15
3Converting Youtube Video to American Sign Language Translation Using Convolution Neural Network and Video Processing
Author(s): Meet Modi; Reetu Jain
Pg: 16-28
4Design And Development of An Intelligent Water Discharger
Author(s): Advit Ranawade; Reetu Jain
Pg: 29-43
5Novel Approach to Analyse Structures to Predict Earthquake Impact in Urban Areas
Author(s): Meet Modi; Reetu Jain
Pg: 44-52
6H-Bridge Based Transformerless Inverter Topology for Reducing Leakage Current in a Grid-Connected PV System
Author(s):Mohd Imran Siddiqui; Imran Khan; Mohd Asif Ali
Pg: 53-59
7MPPT & Boost DC-DC Converter For Reliability Analysis Of Solar Panel Through Simulink Model
Author(s):Md Haaris Masood; Imran Khan
Pg: 60-74
8Power Quality Assessment in A Bi-Directional AC/AC Converter With Soft Switching Realizations
Author(s): Sheiya Dubey; Imran Khan
Pg: 75-87
9Turn-To-Turn Fault Detection in Transformers Using Negative Sequence Currents
Author(s): Mohd Arif; Imran Khan; Malik Rafi
Pg: 88-99

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