iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 11 Issue 12
December - 2023

1Absolute Continuous Function of Two Variables in R^2 Space
Author(s):Susilo Hariyanto; YD. Sumanto; Indah Dwi Murdianingsih
Pg: 1-6
2Analysis of Research Hot Topics on Blockchain Applications in the Engineering Field Based on Text Mining
Author(s):Shiyun Tang; Zecheng Wang
Pg: 7-13
3Readability Index and Text Optimization Model for Dyslexics Using NLP and AI
Author(s):Esha Shah; Vinay Vishwakarma
Pg: 14-22
4Improving Disaster Response Efficiency Through Blockchain-Based Imagery and Automated Aid Distribution Monitoring
Author(s):Darshan Golchaa; Reetu Jain
Pg: 23-27
5Snooker Table Surface Analyzer
Author(s):Dhivij Patel; Reetu Jain
Pg: 28-31
6Gender Bias in Sports Journalism: A Comparative NLP Analysis of News Article Discourse
Author(s):Darsh Damani; Reetu Jain
Pg: 32-47
7Wireless Music Control using Gesture Implementation
Author(s):Yash Datar ; Reetu Jain
Pg: 48-54
8Cyber Security Architecture for General Election in India
Author(s):Arun M. Ranvir
Pg: 55-64

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