iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 11 Issue 8
August - 2023

1Impact of Artificial Intelligence on software development: Challenges and Opportunities
Author(s): Krishiv Garg
Pg: 1-3
2The Impact of AI Advancements on Societal Roles and Ethical Considerations
Author(s): Divy Jain
Pg: 4-6
3A Comparative study for MPPT in Solar PV system under Partial Shading condition using P&O and GA
Author(s): Mr. Sunil Kumar Gour; Mr. Pawan Pandey; Ms. Minal Tomar
Pg: 7-15
4A PI and Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Controller for Three-Phase Induction Motor
Author(s): Ms. Mahima Paliwal; Mr. Pawan Pandey
Pg: 16-23
5Active Power Factor Correction of Single-Phase Using Boost Converter Controlling
Author(s): Ms. Anamika Malviya; Mr. Pawan Pandey
Pg: 24-32
6Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems in financial risk management and regulatory compliance
Author(s): Naman Sheth
Pg: 33-37
7Routing Protocols RIPng And OSPF Performance Anaylsis Using Opnet
Pg: 38-44
8Speed Control of PMSM Based on PSO For Tuning PI Parameters
Author(s):Mr. Ashish Dehariya; Mr. Pawan Pandey
Pg: 45-53
9Power Quality Improvement of Hybrid Power system based microgrid using UPQC
Author(s):Mr. Mohit Dehariya; Mr. Pawan Pandey
Pg: 54-60

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