iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 12 Issue 1
January- 2024

1Elastic Clamp Type Connection SRWPE Sewage Pipe Construction Method
Author(s):Xianjun Xie; Jianqin Zhu; Cheng Yan; Qinfei Lv; Bin Li; Qingming Wu; Jinbin Qiu
Pg: 1-8
2Vacuum Tube-Based Train Waste Collection and Segregation Technique
Author(s):Dhruv Bhatia; Reetu Jain
Pg: 9-17

1Absolute Continuous Function of Two Variables in R^2 Space
Author(s):Susilo Hariyanto; YD. Sumanto; Indah Dwi Murdianingsih
Pg: 1-6
2Analysis of Research Hot Topics on Blockchain Applications in the Engineering Field Based on Text Mining
Author(s):Shiyun Tang; Zecheng Wang
Pg: 7-13
3Readability Index and Text Optimization Model for Dyslexics Using NLP and AI
Author(s):Esha Shah; Vinay Vishwakarma
Pg: 14-22
4Improving Disaster Response Efficiency Through Blockchain-Based Imagery and Automated Aid Distribution Monitoring
Author(s):Darshan Golchaa; Reetu Jain
Pg: 23-27
5Snooker Table Surface Analyzer
Author(s):Dhivij Patel; Reetu Jain
Pg: 28-31
6Gender Bias in Sports Journalism: A Comparative NLP Analysis of News Article Discourse
Author(s):Darsh Damani; Reetu Jain
Pg: 32-47
7Wireless Music Control using Gesture Implementation
Author(s):Yash Datar ; Reetu Jain
Pg: 48-54
8Cyber Security Architecture for General Election in India
Author(s):Arun M. Ranvir
Pg: 55-64

1Identification of Underperforming Supercomputer Operating System Kernel Function Using Statistical Techniques and Distance Measures; and Generalizations to Bioengineering Domains
Author(s):Parthasarathy Srinivasan
Pg: 1-4

1CNN Based Currency Reader For Visually Impaired
Author(s):Aviraj Singh; Vinay Vishwakarma
Pg: 1-8
2Rear Wing Aerodynamic Influence on F1 Car Cornering Ability
Author(s):Dhairya Parikh; Reetu Jain
Pg: 9-14
3A Comparison of Four Design Variants for Investigating Thermal Transients and Structural Performance of Aircraft Disc Brakes
Author(s):Advika Ladhani; Reetu Jain
Pg: 15-22
4Enhancing Transfer Market Strategy with Footballer Price Prediction
Author(s):Aditya Raunaq; Reetu Jain
Pg: 23-31
5Mathematical Modelling for Predicting the Yield from Vertical Farming
Author(s):Mira Doshi; Vinay Vishwakarma
Pg: 32-45
6Unlocking Employment Choices: Navigating Social Norms and Beliefs with Behavioral Game Theory
Author(s):Siddh Vora; Reetu Jain
Pg: 46-52
7ChatGPT and Beyond: AI Revolutionizes Modern Digital Marketing Strategies
Author(s):Dea Rushabh Ajmera; Reetu Jain
Pg: 53-62
8Geospatial Insights: Comprehensive NDVI Analysis of Drone-Captured Imagery for Vegetation Mapping and Precision Agriculture
Author(s):Varsha Sundar; Reetu Jain
Pg: 63-76
9Identification of Mosquito Larvae through Image- Processing and Object Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Author(s):Naviya Gupta; Reetu Jain
Pg: 77-87
10Aerodynamic Performance and Drag Reduction Analysis of Shape-Changing Wings vs. Traditional Flap-Equipped Wings
Author(s):Arnav Popley; Reetu Jain
Pg: 88-93
11Comparative Analysis of Various Types of Mast Used in Bladeless Vortex Turbine
Author(s):Shlok Jhunjhunwalla ; Vinay Vishwakarma
Pg: 94-100
12Enhancing Strength of 3D Printed Objects through Composite Mesh Reinforcement
Author(s):Mayank Narayan ; Reetu Jain
Pg: 101-107
13The Future of Travel: Assessing the Transformative Effects of Metaverse Travel on Tourism Industry
Author(s):Jaasum Suri ; Reetu Jain
Pg: 108-118
14Ocular Age Estimation
Author(s):Anya Sharma; Himesh Chordia; Reetu Jain
Pg: 119-127
15Performance Evaluation of various type of Water Turbine Blade Designs using CFD analysis
Author(s):Dhruv Bhatia ; Reetu Jain
Pg: 128-133
16A Comparative Study of Generator Capabilities of Brushless Direct Current Motors and Traditional Direct Current Motors
Author(s):M.Asjad ; Reetu Jain
17An Empirical Study of Performance Variations: 3D Printed Toroidal Propeller vs. Traditional Propeller
Author(s):Aditya Garg ; Reetu Jain
18Design And Development Of An Autonomous Agricultural Rover For Planting And Irrigation Systems Using TRIZ Design Principles
Author(s):Archeet Shah ; Reetu Jain
19Smart Asthma Health Monitor with Temperature and Dust Sensing using Arduino
Author(s):Shambhavi Kharbanda; Reetu Jain
20Microenvironment Pollution Detection Using Plant Leaves
Author(s):Yuvvan Talreja; Reetu Jain
21Agrivoltaic Farming: Synergizing Solar Energy Generation and Agricultural Production
Author(s):Shreyas Sharma; Reetu Jain
22Exploring the Psychological Distress and Struggles Faced by Women with Iron Deficiency
Author(s):Trisha Vaz ; Reetu Jain
23Dust Prediction
Author(s):Sehr Chandhok; Reetu Jain
24Analyzing the Need for an Intelligent Safety Device for Indian Women
Author(s):Aditi Singh; Reetu Jain
25Effect of Wheel Materials on the Balancing of a Self- Balancing Robot
Author(s):Diti Chhaproo; Reetu Jain
26The Digital Divide: Disparities in Access to Online Education Services in India
Author(s):Tanishka Narsaria; Reetu Jain
27Novel Tool For Early Detection of Cystic Fibrosis
Author(s):Dayita Dhruva, Vinay Vishwakarma
28"Optimizing the Body Posture of Cyclists to Attain Maximum Cycle Speed Using Embedded Electronics
Author(s):Sharvi Baisiwala, Reetu Jain"
29"Tech Stock Analysis and Stock Price Prediction with LSTM
Author(s): Ariaan Joshi, Reetu Jain"
30"A Predictive Model for Identifying Forest Fire-Prone Zones
Author(s):Madhav Singh, Reetu Jain"
31"Boundary tracking of oil spill and acquittal life protection in seawater using swarm robotics
Author(s):Arnav Gupta; Kartikeya Daiya; Reetu Jain"

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