IJSHRE Volume 2 Issue 1

1. Review of Contemporary Research Investigations in Selected Brute-Force and Heuristic Tree Search Algorithms Pg.1-5
Authors: Parag Bhalchandra ,Dr.S.D.Khamitkar, Dr.N.K.Deshmukh, Pawan Wasnik , D.R.Patil  View PDF  
2. A Real-Time Border Alert System For Boats Using Wins Pg.6-9
Authors: Shibu.J,  Gowthami.D  View PDF  
3. Study of Functional and Matching Dependencies for Privacy Preservation in Micro Data Pg.10-12
Authors: Deepika.R, Karthik.J  View PDF  
4. Performance Studies of TCR on Transient Stability Pg.13-18
Authors: Amir Shirvayszadeh, Navid Mehdizadeh Afroozi,Ali Reza Rajabi, Reza Sedaghati, Hamid Shirvayszadeh,Navid Javidtash, and Mahmood Reza Sadikhani  View PDF  
5. Transient Stability Enhancement Using  STATCOM with Adaptive Control Pg.19-23
Authors: Hamid Shirvayszadeh, Mahdi Hayatdavoodi, Reza Sedaghti, Amir Shirvayszadeh and Mohsen Momeni Tazangi  View PDF  
6. Design and Implementation of UART-SPI Controller on System-on-Chip Pg.24-27
Authors: Rakesh Manukonda, Suresh Nakkala  View PDF  
7. Individual Evaluation-Based Attribute Diminution Algorithm For High Dimensional Data Pg.28-31
Author: G. Abinaya, P.Sangeetha   View PDF  
8. Edzl Scheduling Of Real-Time Tasks In Distributed Systems Pg.32-38
Authors: Manojkumar.R, Vinoth Kumar.S, Dr. Karthik.S  View PDF  
9. A Review On ‘Tizen: An Open Source Platform For Creating Mobile OS’ Pg.39-42
Authors: Ashish Agrawal, Sadhana Singh, Malay Tripathi   View PDF  
10. Electrical Machines Signature Analysis Using Hmm Pg.43-51
Authors: J.Soniya View PDF  
11 Virtualization Technology to Allocate Data Centre Resources Dynamically Based on Application Demands in Cloud Computing Pg.52-57
Authors: Namita R. Jain , Rakesh Rajani  View PDF  
12. Efficient Segmentation And Classification Of Microcalcification In Mammographic Images Using Pso And Svm Pg. 58-64
Authors: J.Preethi, G.G.Udaya  View PDF  
13. Adaptive RS Coding with LDPC-STBC Scheme in OFDM Systems Pg. 65-70
Authors: Khyati Chopra and K.K. Gupta  View PDF  
14. Modelling And Simulation Of Corrugated Plate Heat Exchanger For Process Industry Pg.71-75
Authors: S.Murugapoopathi, C. Senthilkumar View PDF  

Authors: Asha Achenkunju, G.Tamilarasan, Dhanesh R

View PDF  
16. Evaluation of Communication Overhead and Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network using Different Clustering Techniques   Pg. 81-87
Authors: Shweta Bhatele , Lalita Bargadiya  View PDF  
17. A Survey: An Advanced Key Management Technique with Enhanced Security SCADA System   Pg. 88-92
Authors: Manoj B C  View PDF  
18. A Dynamic Public Auditing Security Scheme To Preserve Privacy In Cloud Storage   Pg. 93-97
Authors: Betzy K. Thomas, M. Newlin Rajkumar  View PDF