IJSHRE Volume 2 Issue 2

1. Analysis of Computation Electromagnetic Modeling Techniques Pg.1-4
Authors: Godbless Swagarya, Anselemi Lukonge, Lusekelo Kibona  View PDF  
2. Securing Personal health records in cloud computing by virtualization security system Pg.5-9
Authors: Subbareddy.T, Pushpalatha.N, Ramu.M   View PDF  
3. A Survey of Distributed Topology Control in Wireless Adhoc and Sensor N Networks Pg.10-18
Authors: Vijaya kranthi Chinthala,Manas Kumar Yogi  View PDF  
4. Design and Implementation of OFDM transmitter and receiver using 8-point FFT/IFFT Pg.19-23
Authors: Urmila Suhagiya, Prof. R.C.Patel  View PDF  
5. Implementation Of Otsu Method With Two Different Approaches Pg.24-28
Authors : Shilpa Kalathiya, Prof. V.P.Patel  View PDF  
6. Gradient based glaucoma detection by segmenting optic disc and cup Pg.29-32
Authors:K.Muthusamy, M.Vijayalakshmi  View PDF  
7. Improving Apriori Algorithm to get better performance with Cloud Computing Pg.33-37
Author: Zeba Qureshi,  Sanjay Bansal   View PDF  
8. Review of MEMS sensor and Its Application in Automoble Pg.38-41
Authors: Chintan Nadiya,  Prof. R.C.Patel  View PDF  
9. A Study of Data Perturbation Techniques For Privacy Preserving Data Mining Pg.42-46
Authors: Aniket Patel, Hirva Divecha, Samir Patel   View PDF  
10. Accumulative Search Engine Effectiveness Using Supportive Web Pg.47-50
Authors: Yogesh kakde, Dr. Manoj Kumar Rawat View PDF  
11 A Wireless Meter Based Automatic Fire Extinguisher with Mobile Alert using Smoke Density Pg.51-54
Authors: Deepika.R & Maheswari.R  View PDF  
12. Application of Power System Stabilizer for the Stability of Synchronous Machines at Different Loading Conditions Pg. 55-59
Authors: Reza Sedaghati, Mohammad  Bagher Haddadi,                         Mahdi Hayatdavudi, Hossien Sedaghati   View PDF  
13. Review Offloating Point Arithmetic On Fpgas Pg. 60-61
Authors: Jimil C. Patel,  Prof. R.C.Patel  View PDF  
14. A Literature Survey on various Java Application Servers Pg.62-67
Authors: C. Raja Kumar,  M. Rajinikannan View PDF  
15. Enhancement Of Medical Image For Diagnosis   Pg. 68-70

Authors: Ayubu Hassan Mbaga, Lawrence B. Kalubu 

View PDF  
16. Enhancing Emd Watermarking Scheme For Copyright Protection Of Digital Audio Data   Pg. 71-75
Authors: Divya M V, I Shanthi   View PDF  
17. Multibiometric System Using Iris and Thumb Recognition   Pg. 76-79
Authors: Ashish Naghate,  Mayur Sahu,  Pranju Bhange, Pallavi Wankhede, Swati Lonkar, Yamini Bute  View PDF  
18. An Efficient Segmentation And Verification Of Iris From Face Images     Pg. 80-86
Authors: Senbhaga.S, Vinoth Kumar.S, Dr. Karthik.S   View PDF  
19. Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) Cells and Basics of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Current Mode Logic (MCML) Technology   Pg. 87-92
Authors: Apurva Y. Rana, Dr. Kiritkumar R. Bhatt
View PDF  
20. A Web Service Quality of Protection using AHP Method   Pg.93-100
Authors: V.Prasath  View PDF  
21. Augmenting  Security with Ticket Based Algorithm in proxy mobile IPV6 networks    Pg.101-106
Authors: S.Dhanalakshmi, J.Preethi  View PDF  
22. A Narrative Vehicle Protection Representation for Vehicle Speed Regulator Under Driver Exhaustion-A Study     Pg.107-111
Authors: V.Karthikeyan, B.Praveen Kumar, S.Suresh Babu, R.Purusothaman, shijin Thomas  View PDF  
 23.  Comparison and Assessment of TCP& UDP protocols in Different Network Scenarios    Pg.112-115
 Authors: Vikas Verma, Sunil Dhawan  View PDF  
 24.  Stumpy Outlay Transportation Management System Based on Integration of GPS and GSM    Pg.116-118
 Authors: M.Archana, R.Sathiyaseelan, S.Sathish Kumar,
V.Saravana Kumar V.Hariharan
 View PDF  
 25.  Reducing Power In Glitch Free Universal Gate Using Dcdl Technique    Pg.119-122
 Authors: Poovizhi N, Muthukumaran P  View PDF  
 26.  A Literature Review in Health Informatics Using Data Mining Techniques    Pg.123-129
 Authors: Dr. D. P. Shukla,  Shamsher Bahadur Patel,  Ashish Kumar Sen  View PDF  
 27.  Ip Based Remote Monitoring Of Power System As Well As Control Using Labview Virtualisation           Pg.130-136
 Authors: M.R. Arun  View PDF