IJSHRE Volume 2 Issue 5

 1. Automated identification of Intima Media Thickness in Ultrasound Artery Images Pg.1-5
Authors: M.Sulochana,  S.Antony Mutharasan  View PDF  
2. Privacy Preserving Based on Geometric Transformation Using Data Perturbation Technique Pg.6-13
Authors: Hirva Divecha , Sheetal Mehta  View PDF  
3. Improving Feature Selection Algorithm And Support Multiclass Problem In Oligois Pg.14-16
Authors: Lavanya.S , Dr.Palanisami.S , Veeralakshmi.R  View PDF  
4. A Network Cloud Queuing Model for Capable Resources Mapping in Cloud Computing Environment Pg.17-21
Authors: : : Revathi.C, M.Newlin Rajkumar  View PDF  
5. Multi-Model Biometric Recognition Using Local Directional Number Pattern Pg.22-28
Authors: K.Panner Selvi,  A.Vinotha Vasuki  View PDF  
6. An Effective Method for Identifying Online Auction Fraud Using Triangulation Detecting Techniques Pg.29-34
Authors: Thiagu K, Maheswari B, Dr. Karthik .S  View PDF  
7. Reducing Routing Overhead In Manet Using Neighbor Coverage-Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast And Local Broadcast Algorithm Pg.35-38
Author: Suresh.M, Kala.I, Dr. Karthik .S  View PDF  
8. High Performance AES Design Using OFB Mode Pg.39-44
Authors: M.Anandababu, Mrs.D.Devapriya, C.Vijayalakshmi  View PDF  
9. An Efficient Dynamic Spectrum and Distributed Resource Allocation in a Cognitive Digital Home Pg.45-49
Authors: G.Sowndarya  View PDF  
10. Achieving Minimum Transferring And Storage Cost On Data Staging Algorithms For Shared Data Accesses In Clouds Pg.50-55
Authors: Kalaiselvi.S, Newlin Rajkumar.M View PDF  
11 Survey of Rain Pixel Recovery For Videos With Dynamic Scenes     Pg.56-58
Authors: Amit A Bankar, Prof. B S Borkar, Prof. A V Markad  View PDF  
12. Hybrid Features Extraction Method for Natural Scenes Categorization using ANN and SVM Kernels  Pg. 60-70
Authors: E Devendran V, Nagarajan A  View PDF  
13. Supplier Evaluation and Ranking using Digraph and Matrix Approach Pg. 71-74
Authors: V.Paramasivam, S.Pushpalatha, P. Emmanuel Nicholas


View PDF  
14. Raw Material Yield Improvement Through Burrless Forging of Bolt Manufacturing Pg.75-78
Authors: M. Vasundara, T. Ramachandran, Vino Kingsly View PDF  
15. An Enhanced Adaptive Security Protocol For Replica Attacks In Mobile Adhoc Networks   Pg. 79-83
Authors:M.Praveena,R.M.Thiribhurabhavan,R.M.Bhavadharini ,Dr.S.Karthik View PDF  
16. Security Based Reliable Data Delivery For Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks   Pg. 84-87
Authors: R.Vinoth Kumar, T.Parameshwaran  View PDF  
17. Selfish Attacks Detection In Cogitive Radio Networks Using CRV Technique   Pg. 88-92
Authors: A.Bency, S.Manikandan  View PDF  
18. Risk – Aware Management of MANET Routing Attacks based on Node Reputation and Attack Frequency   Pg. 93-98
Authors:S. Arunsoundar,S. P. Santhoshkumar & Dr. S. Karthik  View PDF  
19. Joint Reconstruction of Multi view Compressed Images Based on Distributed Coding Scheme    Pg. 99-103
Authors: P. Jancy Malar And  A. Vinotha Vasuki View PDF  
20. Effective and Efficient Learning With Social Media    Pg.104-106
Author: V. Ranjan, Shilpa B, Ranganatha K, Eden Sequeira,  Smita Shanbhag & Joslin Dias View PDF  
21. Packet reordering to Improve Data center Network Using Near Optimal Traffic Engineering   Pg.107-110
Authors: Preetha M Kurup &  J Preethi  View PDF  
22. Abnormal Behavior Detection In Intelligent Transport System For Intelligent Driving    Pg.111-116
Authors: Pradeep.T.R & Karthikamani.R View PDF  
23 Fully Dynamic Latched CMOS Comparator for Flash Analog to Digital Converters   Pg.117-119
Authors: Smriti Shubhanan &  Shiva Jaiswal View PDF  
24. An Enhanced Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme   Pg.120-122
Authors: Navjot kaur & Dr.Rajiv Mahajan View PDF  
25. A New Stability Criterion For Fixed-Point Digital Filters With Saturation Arithmetic In Presence Of External Disturbance   Pg.123-126
Authors: Shiva Jaiswal & Smriti Shubhanand View PDF  
26. Brain Computer Interface: Data Acquisition Using Non-Invasive Emotiv Epoc Neuroheadset   Pg.127-130
Authors: . Nidhi Vala & Kiran Trivedi View PDF  
27. Implementation and Optimization of 16×16 Luminance and 8×8 Chrominance Intra Prediction on FPGA   Pg.131-138
Authors: Ashwini.V, Madhusudhan.K.N, DineshReddy.J View PDF  
28. Adaptive Fingerprint Image Enhancement for Low-Quality of Images by Learning From the Images andFeatures Extraction   Pg.139-143
Authors: Kanpariya Nilam , Rahul Joshi  View PDF  
29. Reduce Packet Delay Using Scheduling Algorithm In Manet   Pg.144-148
Authors: Lingeshwaran.A, Chandrasekar.A, Dr.Karthik.S View PDF  
30. K-Mean Data Search   Pg.149-153
Authors: Sunil Kumar.B, Venkatesh.S View PDF  
31. Secured And Performance Driven Mechanism For Mobile Data Gathering In Wireless Sensor Networks   Pg.154-158
Authors: Maibam Debina Devi, Dr. Kalaikumaran.T, Dr. Karthik .S View PDF  
32. Performance Analysis of OFDM with Wiener Phase Noise  


Authors: M.Evanjalin Lydia, Beryl J Victor, V.Nagaraju View PDF  
33. Structural Analysis of Multiplate Clutch using ANSYS   Pg.164-167
Authors: Bony Chrisol Joseph, M Vasundara View PDF  
34. Efficiency And Time Complexity Improvement Of Hybrid Fuzzy-Neuro Model Using Rule Pruning   Pg.168-172
Authors: Mosam Patel View PDF  
35. Automatic Extraction of Video Object using Hybrid Approach   Pg.173-177
Authors: Padmasri. P,  Janardhanaprabhu. S View PDF  
36. Exact Traveling Wave Solutions to Vakhnenko-Parkes Equation   Pg.178-182
Authors: Harun-Or-Roshid, Md. Hafiz Uddin, Mohammad Mobarak Hossain, Md. Hafizur Rahman View PDF  
37. Design and Implementation of an Efficient Resource Sharing algorithm for Grid Computing   Pg.183-188
Authors: Surendra Kumar Patel,  Anurag Seetha,  Gupteshwar Gupta View PDF  
38. Methodology for Selection of a Data Mining Tool   Pg.189-192
Authors: Vikas Verma, Sunil Dhawan View PDF  
39. A Novel Method for Constructing Planar Antennas of Integrated Microwave Imaging Radar for Earlier Breast Cancer Detection   Pg.193-196
Authors :Karuna kalaivani P, Manikandan S View PDF Pg.197-201
40. Design Of Coaxial Probe Fed Slotted V Microstrip Patch Antenna For Uplink Frequency Of 6ghz In Satellite Communication
Authors: Akansha Gupta, Rahul vishnoi
View PDF  
41. Theoretical analysis of stress in a centrifugal fan impeller   Pg.202-206
Authors: Dhanapal.T, Baskaran.M View PDF  
42. Secured Dynamic Auditing In Cloud Storage Using Fully Homomarphic Mechanism   Pg.207-211
Authors: S.Suresh Kumar, M.Newlin Rajkumar View PDF  
43. Detection of Sinkhole attack in Wireless Sensor Networks using Mobile agent and multiple Base stations   Pg.212-217
Authors: Kripasinh Gohil View PDF  
44. A Novel Approach Of Face Recognization Using Half Face Template Matching   Pg.218-224
Authors: Vipul pathak, Saurabh Srivastava, Alisha Khan, Akansha Gupta View PDF  
45. Study Of The Performance Of Electrolux Refrigeration System Coupled With IC Engine   Pg.225-229
Authors: S.Jeyakumar View PDF  
46. Design And Vibration Analysis Of IC Engine Rubber Mount    Pg.230-233
Authors: M.G.Sabariraj, C.Senthilkumar View PDF  
47. Guiding Channel For Optimization In Wireless Mesh Networks   Pg.234-238
Authors: D.JoynerJebastin, M.ArokiaPravina View PDF  
48. An Effective Approach For Execution Of Workloads In Clouds With Improving Scalability And Negotiation Strategy   Pg.239-243
Authors: S.Sujithkumar, M.Newlin Rajkumar View PDF  
49.  Study Of Various Methods To Improve Convergence Speed Of LMS Algorithm    Pg.244-251
Authors:Shruti R Patel , Sandip R Panchal, Hiren Mewada  View PDF  
50.  Design and Analysis of Train Wheel during rolling action    Pg.252-257
Authors:V. Palani selvam, S. Sabareesan, S. Karthik  View PDF  
51.  Image watermarking based on Random walk algorithm using features extraction    Pg. 258-262
Authors: Suman Shivhare,Swati Tiwari  View PDF  
52.  A Unified Framework For Extracting Similar Patterns From Uncertain Data Set    Pg.263-266
Authors:Ankur Jain  View PDF  
53.  A Decision Support for Banking Industry through Data Mining Techniques    Pg.267-271
Authors:. Pankaj Pathak, Hemant Pal  View PDF