IJSHRE Volume 2 Issue 6

  1. Design An Effective Algorithm To Support Mobility For Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Pg.1-5
Authors: Anil Kumar Sharma, Anurag Seetha & Gupteshwar Gupta  View PDF  
2. Improve The Effectiveness Of User Website Navigation Using ART Pg.6-10
Authors: Aastha Barche & Anand singh Rajawat                                          View PDF  
3. Design Of High Speed Face Detection And Tracking By Skin Segmentation Using  MATLAB Pg.11-14
Authors: Hema S Meharwade, H.N. Latha & Madhusudhan K.N  View PDF  
4. Design of Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for 4G (LTE) Applications Pg.15-17
Authors: : : Mayank Mishra & Joshua Madhukar Singh  View PDF  
5. Grid Computing: Status of Technology In Current Perspective Pg.18-23
Authors: Surendra Kumar Patel,  Anurag Seetha & Anil Kumar Sharma  View PDF  
6. Analysis of Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Antenna Pg.24-26
Authors: Ashutosh Garg & Joshua Madhukar Singh  View PDF  
7. SMART Real-time Skin Cancer Identification Pg.27-28
Author: Mangesh Patil, Vijay Sansuddi; Shashidhar Kudure & Latha H N  View PDF  
8. Efficient Architecture For Computer Hardware Based On RISC & Harvard Architecture Pg.29-32
Authors: Ankit Birle & Purnima Khandelwal  View PDF  
9. Design Of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique In Matlab Pg.33-36
Authors: Harpreet Singh& Sushil Kakkar  View PDF  
10. Improved Processing of Top-k Spatial Data by Quality Preferences Pg.37-41
Authors: G.Harikrishnaveni , S.Shenbapriya & K.Tamilselvi View PDF  
11. A Comprehensive Study of Fuzzy Logic Method For Cluster Head Selection In MANET Pg.42-45
Authors: M Bhagyavathi  View PDF  
12. Cell Phone Based Wireless Sensor Networks For Social Fidelity Via Cooperative Data Sharing Pg.46-52
Authors: Wilson Thomas, Shabbeer Basha  View PDF  
13. Effect of Adaptive Modulation and Coding Schemes on Scheduling Algorithms for LTE Downlink Pg.53-58
Authors:V Mohankumar N M, Swetha, Mohana H K, Devaraju J T  View PDF  
14. Adaptive Resonance Theory Implementation in Intelligence Website Navigation Pg.59-62
Authors:Astha Barche, Anand Sing Rajawat  View PDF  
15. Comparison of ACL Based Security Models for securing resources for Windows operating system Pg.63-64
Authors:Prof. S. A. Ubale, Dr. S.S. Apte  View PDF  
16. Fast Background Subtraction algorithm for Moving Object Detection & tracking in FPGA Pg.65-70
Authors:G.Sindhura Bhargavi, B.Praveen Kumar, T. Kalyan  View PDF  
17. Integrate MANET and Mobile IP by Fixed and Mobile dynamic Gateway for advancement of MANET global connectivity Pg.71-74
Authors:Devendra Chaphekar, Anurag seethe, Gupteshwar Gupta  View PDF  
18. Efficient Resource Allocation and Scheduling Approach To Enhance The Performance Of Cloud Computing Pg.75-82
Authors:Priyanka Gupta, Pooja Deshpande  View PDF  
19. Predictive Analysis of Home Automation Systems with the Help Of Machine Learning Pg.83-92
Authors:G.Anuradha  View PDF  
20. Comparative Study of K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering Techniques Pg.93-98
Authors:Dr. Manju Kaushik, Mrs. Bhawana Mathur  View PDF  
21. Design and Implementation of Content Based Image Retrieval on FPGA using Linear Multiple Feature Extraction Method Pg.99-103
Authors: Sheetal Gadekar, Rakesh Mandliya  View PDF  
 22 Development of a Software for Analysis of Two Dimensional Nonlinear Elastic Problems Using Finite Element Method  Pg.104-107
 Author: Dr. S.H.Sawant  View PDF