IJSHRE Volume 4 Issue 1

1. SCADA System for Monitoring Water Supply Network: A Case Study Pg. 1-7
Author(s): Cveta Martinovska Bande; Gjorgi Bande Download


2. Multipage Dynamic Apriori Approach for Web Log Mining Pg. 8-13
Author(s):  Poulami Das; Prof. Nitin Mishra Download


3. BER Performance of Image Transmission over MIMO-OFDMA with Sparse Technique by Antenna Diversity Scheme Pg. 14-17
Author(s): Taranjeet Singh Huda; Mr. Rahul Sharma Download


4. Implementation of native starch filtration using PLC and SCADA Pg. 18-22
Author(s): Rajarajeswari Dhandapani Download


5. Increasing Line efficiency with COMSOAL, RPW and LCR Methods of Assembly Line Balancing Problem Pg. 23-27
Author(s): AnkitTomar ; Dr.AshishManoria Download


6. Big Data and Deep Learning -A review Pg. 28-30
Author(s): Dipra Mitra; Arnab Acharyya  Download


7. Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithm for WDM Optical Network under Congestion Aware Strategy Pg. 31-36
Author(s): Dhiraj Nitnaware Download


8. Load Balancing with Minimum Task Pg. 37-41
Author(s): Ranjan Kumar Mondal; Payel Ray; Enakshmi Nandi; Debabrata Sarddar Download


9. Reflectivity Measurement of Materials Pg. 42-46
Author(s): S.Pragadeesh Download


10. Image Restoration using Spatial Domain Multi Pass Decomposition Algorithm for various noise attacks Pg. 47-50
Author(s): Kunwar Singh Kushwah ; Lakshita Langde Download


11. Set Domination Maxsubdivision Number of Graphs Pg. 51-55
Author(s): P. Sumathi, T.Brindha Download


12. A Note on Non-Split Set Domination Pg. 56-59
Author(s):  P. Sumathi, T.Brindha Download


13. Performance Improvement of TCP using MAC layer Loss Differentiation Algorithms Pg. 60-65
Author(s): Ankur Macwan (LDA) , Sanjay Shah , Hitesh Chaukikar Download


14. A Donor – Mobile Application for Saving Human Life Pg. 66-71
Author(s): S. Sindhuja , AP; V. Priyadharshini ; S. Gothainayagi ; M. Devika ; E. Arul Baraniga Download


15. Bengali language text extraction Using ISEF edge detection Pg. 72-77
Author(s): Sanjay Shah , Ankur Macwan ,Hitesh Chaukikar Download


16. ISEF Edge Detection for Extracting the Text of Kannada Language Images Pg. 78-83
Author(s): Sanjay Shah , Ankur Macwan ,Hitesh Chaukikar Download