IJSHRE Volume 4 Issue 3

MARCH 2016

1.  Design and Implementation of Classical PI Controller for an Inverted Pendulum Pg. 1-6
AuthorsP.Kalaiselvi1; M.Anand2; L.Kanimozhi3  Download


2.  A Review Paper on Design And Development of A System For A Blind People Using Wireless Technology

Pg. 9-20
Authors:Unnati Panchal1 ,Bhagyashree Pandya2 , Hitesh Chaukikar3, Sanjay Shah4, Keyur Chauhan5  Download


3.  Comparative Study and Analysis of Spatial Access Method using Fractal and L-system Approach: A Critical Review Pg. 21-30
Authors: Rojali Mjahi1; Dr.Sasmita Mishra2  Download


4.  Real Time Wireless Keypad Security System for Secured Life Pg. 31-34
Author(s): Arnab Saha1, Arkadev Kundu2, Riman Das3 ,Sanjay Shaw4 Download


5.  Data Security Based HABE Algorithm for Multilevel Hybrid Cloud Pg. 35-40
Author(s): LI Na1; DONG Yunwei1; JING Hongli2; CHE Tianwei3; ZHANG Yuchen4 Download


6.  Automated Irrigation System using Raspberry pi and Arduino Pg. 41-46
Author(s):  Sneha Angal, Prof. Kishore Wane  Download


7.  Cloud Computing Era: A Boon or Bane Pg. 41-46
Author(s): Satinder Kaur1; Simmi Bagga2*; Hardeep Singh3