IJSHRE Volume 4 Issue 7

JULY 2016

1. An Investigation on Digital Signatures Pg. 1-7
Author(s):Mr. Debasish Hati; Mr. Prasun Kumar Mitra; Mr. Partha Halder Download


2. A New Efficient Digital Signature Scheme
Algorithm Based On Block Cipher
Pg. 8-11
Author(s): Mr. Prasun Kumar Mitra; Mr. Debasish Hati; Mr. Partha Halder Download


3. Review Analysis of Software Installation of
A BIPED Robot System for Object Detection
Pg. 12-15
Author(s): Mr.Pratik Rathore, Mr.Pratik Soni Download


4. A System to Analyze Detection of Jamming Attacks in Time Critical Wireless Applications  Pg. 16-20
Author(s): Sneha A. Pandhre , Milind B. Tadwalkar  Download


5. Analysis of risks and skepticism of managers adopting cloud base system infrastructure  Pg. 21-28
Author(s): Richmond Ikechukwu Ibe (Ph.D.) Download