iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 6 Issue 10
October - 2018

1Experimental Investigation of Green Concrete in Construction Industry by Using Recycled Aggregate (Demolished Waste)
Author(s): Shamsher Singh; Pankaj Rathore; Sanjeev Verma
Pg: 1-12
2Influence of recycled concrete aggregates on strength properties of concrete
Author(s): Shamsher Singh; Pankaj Rathore; Sanjeev Verma
Pg: 13-19
3Decision Method of layout of time-sharing leasing automobile network
Author(s): REN Qiliang; WEI Jing
Pg: 20-27
4Survey of Important Issues in Multi Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Imaging System
Author(s): Changjian Deng; Goumin Liu; Fucun Qu; XiFeng He; Shaoquan Zhang
Pg: 28-38
5Novel Approach towards Dynamic Discovery of the Electricity Consumption in Large Data Sets
Author(s): G. Karthick;; Dr. R. Saminathan
Pg: 39-48
6Stability analysis and controller design for networked control systems
Author(s): Yongxian Jin; Yi Di
Pg: 49-54

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