iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 11 Issue 12
December - 2019

1MATLAB and LABVIEW Latency Effect on PC-Based Control System Through Ethernet Using OPC Server
Author(s): Abdullah A. Al-Manfi
Pg: 1-11
2Electrocardiogram Signal Diagnosis Using Supervised Artificial Neural Network
Author(s): Hend M. Farkash; Mona A. El.zuway
Pg: 12-16
3D2D based IoT Network with Enhancement in QoS using Channel State Information (CSI)
Author(s): Deepak Jadhav; Prof. Girish Kumar Tiwari
Pg: 17-23
4A Survey on Biomedical Image Security
Author(s): Pushpendra Thakur, Preeti Ahirwar
Pg: 24-28
5A Survey and Taxonomy on performance enhancement of Turbo Codes
Author(s): Mansi Deo, Preeti Ahirwar
Pg: 29-34
6Digital Framework for General Election to the House of People
Author(s): Arun M. Ranvir
Pg: 35-41
7An Algebraic Expert System with Neural Network Concepts for Cyber, Big Data and Data Migration
Author(s): Richard N M Rudd-Orthner; Lyudmilla Mihaylova
Pg: 42-51

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