iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 7 Issue 7
July - 2019

1Brain Cancer Multiclass Classification Using Support Vector Machines Method
Author(s): Zuherman Rustam ;VinezhaPanca
Pg: 1-6
2Life Cycle Assessment of Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO) Process in Indonesia
Author(s): Annisa Tamara Sari; Arie Dipareza Syafe’i
Pg: 7-11
3Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Application for Cement Industry in Indonesia
Author(s): Valencia Safir Maharani; Agus Slamet Bieby; Voijant Tangahu
Pg: 12-14
4Risk Analysis of Gas Discharge in Household Gas Pipelines Using the Gauss Dispersion Model
Author(s): Ari Sofiansyah; Abdu Fadli Assomadi; Rachmat Boedisantoso
Pg: 15-17
5A Survey on Multi Level Inverter and Induction Motor Drives
Author(s): Sachin kumar; Ms.Namrta Jain
Pg: 18-24
6Design and Implementation of Public Bicycle Transportation System Using Public Big Data
Author(s): Hyun-Ho Choi; Yoo-Jin Moon
Pg: 25-32

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