iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 9 Issue 10
October - 2021

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1Artificial Intelligence Based Autonomous Rover for Crack Detection in Underground Water Pipes
Author(s): Shub Pereira; Reetu Jain,
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Pg: 1-8
2Computational & Comparative Analysis on the Efficacy of Digital and Traditional Learning in Municipal Schools
Author(s): Aria Gupta; Reetu Jain,
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Pg: 9-16
3Remote Mangrove Monitoring Using Drone
Author(s): Aryan Suhas Deshpande; Reetu Jain
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Pg: 17-25
4Novel Approach towards Creating A Neural Model to Understand 6 Types of Chess Pieces for Planning and Validation of Future Moves
Author(s): Vedant Swamy; Reetu Jain
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Pg: 26-34
5Computational Analysis of Awareness, Usage, and Effectiveness of MOOCS With Special Focus on Acceptance of Design Courses
Author(s): Ayushmaan Aashish Kher; Reetu Jain
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Pg: 35-43
6Mathematical Proof by Pigeonhole Principle
Author(s): Jaehyeon Yoon
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Pg: 44-50
7Design and Implementation of WebRTC Dash Board to Offer Many Tools for E-learning
Author(s): Naktal Moaid Edan
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Pg: 51-57
8Digital Image Forgery Detection Techniques Based on Baye’s Classifier using Matlab Tool
Author(s): Priyanka Kundal; Er. Sorab Kumar
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Pg: 58-70
9Harmonics Analysis of Power Quality Using 3 Levels Inverter For Linear and Nonlinear Load and its Enhancement in Hybrid Photovoltaic and Wind power System
Author(s): Maneesh Kumar Tiwari; Imran khan
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Pg: 71-78
10Reduction of THD in PV Based Switched Capacitor Inverter with Application of an Enhanced PWM Based Fuzzy Logic
Author(s): Vivek Mishra; Imran Khan; Mohd Asif Ali
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Pg: 79-86
11Design and Simulation of Grid Connected Modified P&O Based PV System
Author(s): RababFatima; Imran khan
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Pg: 87-97
12Load Forecasting Using AI
Author(s): Shweta Singh; Imran khan
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Pg: 98-103

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