iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 9 Issue 7
July- 2021

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1A Machine Learning Approach for Scalable Early-Age Dyslexia Detection Correlating Phonological Speech Analysis and Eyeball Tracking
Author(s): Kareena Shankta; Reetu ,jain; Shekhar Jain; Radhakrishna Midas

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2Analysis and Study on Technique for Wireless Power Transfer depending upon Application Requirements
Author(s): Nirvaan Sen; Mohan Kshirsagar; Reetu Jain; Shekhar Jain

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3Economic Quotient Estimation to Optimise Small City Connectivity to Boost Development
Author(s): Yashil Vora; Reetu Jain; Shekhar Jain

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Author(s): Pawan Kumar Nishad;Ashish Suryavansi

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5QR-Submanifold of a Manifold with a Kenmotsu 3-Structure
Author(s): Dr. Gajendra Singh

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6Lithology Recognition Method of Core Image Based on Deep Learning
Author(s): Zhang Bingxin, Song Wenguang,Wang Hao,Xu Hao

DOI: 10.26821/IJSHRE.9.7.2021.9710
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7A Review of Durability of Concrete Cube by Doing Curing it With Potable and Waste Water
Author(s): Rahul Sharma; Anant Bhardwaj; Siddharth Pastariya

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Pg: 45-52
8Design of Assistance to Reduce Work Risk in the Packing Process of Liquid Detergent
Author(s): Popy Yuliarty; Faisol Ardhi H ;Rini Anggraini; Atiek Ike Wijayanti

DOI: 10.26821/IJSHRE.9.7.2021.9512
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