iJournals: International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Volume 9 Issue 9
September - 2021

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1Prediction of Stimulant Related Disorders Using Machine Learning Technique
Author(s): Bali Bulus; Garba Joshua Etemi; Ahmad Sandra Asabe

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Pg: 1-7
2Remote Home Monitoring Based on Mobile System
Author(s): Naqaa Luqmqn Mohammed; Mohaned L. Ahmed; Shaima M. Mohamed Najeeb

DOI: 10.26821/IJSHRE.9.9.2021.9903
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Pg: 8-11
3Electrocardiogram (ECG) data mining with Arduino and MATLAB
Author(s): Daniel (Jihong) Park

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Pg: 12-21
4A short history of Information Management
Author(s): Nico Schuster

DOI: 10.26821/IJSHRE.9.9.2021.9908
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Pg: 22-30
5Presumed Function in Typed Programming Languages
Author(s): Weihan Huang

DOI: 10.26821/IJSHRE.9.9.2021.9910
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Pg: 31-36
6Research on Mathematical Aspects of Binomial and Bernoulli Distribution
Author(s): Shin Lee

DOI: 10.26821/IJSHRE.9.9.2021.9909
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Pg: 37-45
7Different Heuristic Approaches to Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem
Author(s): Bryan Kim
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Pg: 46-67
8Deep Learning and Computer Vision-Based Attentiveness Tracking for Autistic Students in Online Learning Environments
Author(s): Nanaki Singh; Mohan Kshirsagar; Reetu Jain; Shekhar Jain
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Pg: 68-78
9E-bike With Sustainable Energy Recovery System
Author(s): Adish Mittal; Reetu Jain; Shekhar Jain; Vinay Vishwakarma
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Pg: 79-87
10SAATHI – Your Fitness Companion
Author(s): Aadit Shah; Rishne Jain; Vibhav Singh; Neer Mehta; Ishaan Makharia; Reetu Jain; Vikramjeet Singh; Shekhar Jain
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Pg: 88-100
11Load Frequency Control of Multi Area System with the Help of Intelligent Controller Gain Optimizer: A Review
Author(s): Mr. Ritesh Bagdi; Ms. Neha Shrivastava
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Pg: 101-106
12Short Term Load Forecasting Using Wavelet Transform With Artificial Neural Network: A Review
Author(s): Mr. Govind Agrawal; Ms. Neha Shrivastava
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Pg: 107-113
13A Review on HVDC Transmission Line Fault Location Detection with Different Ann Techniques
Author(s): Ms. Shivani Jharbade; Ms. Neha Shrivastava
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Pg: 114-121
14Genetic Algorithm Method Based MPPT for Utility Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems Using MATLAB/Simulink Software
Author(s): Mr. Prateek Parihar; Mr. Ashish Tiwari
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Pg: 122-131
15Investigating the Humanoid Stand Up Problem using Deep Q-Learning
Author(s): Wonjun Lee

DOI: 10.26821/IJSHRE.9.9.2021.9921
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Pg: 132-141
16Apply Improve Monkey Algorithm (IMA) for Software Testing Process
Author(s): Alaa Ibrahim Mahmood; Ibrahim Ahmed Saleh
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Pg: 142-150
17Stellar Visualizer: the Life of Stars
Author(s): Sangwoo Kim

DOI: 10.26821/IJSHRE.9.9.2021.9922
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Pg: 151-156

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