IJournals: International Journal of Social Relevance & Concern (IJSRC)
Volume 11 Issue 6

1Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction toward Life Insurance Claim Settlement Service
Author(s):Lục Manh Hien
Pg: 1-10
2Marketing Strategies of FMCG companies in India: A Comparative Study
Author(s):Arin Modi
Pg: 11-15
3Exploration of The Seabed of Lake of Nemi, (Rome, Italy), From September 5, 2022, To December 5, 2022
Author(s):Daniele Cataldi; Riccardo Bellucci; Settimio Tersigni; Marco Tudini
Pg: 16-36
4Lithitic Altar – Discovery and Study of Lithitic Structures Refurbished by Man and Probable of Ancient Period
Author(s):Daniele Cataldi; Riccardo Bellucci; Marco Tudini
Pg: 37-64
5An Ancient Underground Tunnel Discovered in Albano Laziale, Rome, Italy, Which Extends for Hundreds of Meters Underground
Author(s):Daniele Cataldi; Riccardo Bellucci; Marco Tudini
Pg: 65-85
6The Exodusters: Black Moses and the Frontier for Freedom
Author(s):Unho Brandon Choi
Pg: 86-94
7The Quest of Prosperity Gospel and its Impact on Christianity: Case of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – South Western Diocese
Author(s):Naibu Naftali Nyambo
Pg: 95-108
8The Issues and Challenges in Sustainable Tourism Development with Special Reference to India
Author(s):Mrs. Shruthi. B
Pg: 109-115
9Survey of Native Rural Housing Architecture in Sistan Region
Author(s):Sami Hasani Darband; Sepideh Sharif Khajehpasha
Pg: 116-126

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