IJSRC Volume 5 Issue 8


1. Cognitive Benefits of Interaction among Peers in Oral Comprehension Texts Pg. 1-5
Authors: Isabel Núñez-Vázquez; Rafael Crismán-Pérez


2. Importance Performance Analysis of Cooperatives in East Java, Indonesia  Pg. 6-16
Authors: Adya Hermawati, Rahayu Puji Suci  Download


3. Level of burnout and associated factors among nurses working in public health institutions north shoa zone, Amhara, Ethiopia, 2017 Pg. 17-26
Authors: Tesfu Zewdu; Habtamu Abera; Nurilign Abebe; Henok Mulugeta; Getenet Dessie Download


4. Investigating strategies used to integrate Technology (the computer and related devices) into Remedial Education Pg. 27-41


5. Analysis of the Development of E-commerce in China’s Small and Medium – sized Enterprises -Based on Questionnaire of China’s SMEs E – commerce Pg. 42-51
Author: Wu Jiani  Download


6. The Role of Microfinancial Institutions from The Member’s Perspective  Pg. 52-60
Author: Ninuk Muljani; Lena Ellitan; Yulius Koesworo Download


7. Gender Control On The Influence Of Store Atmosphere Toward Customer Experience And Buying Decision Of Local Café Consumers In Pekanbaru Pg. -61-76
Author:Ayu Febrina, Alvi Furwanti Alwie, Susi Hendriani Download


8. Farmers Characteristics, Ihsan Attitude, Economic Conditions and Socio-Cultural Environment Support as Activator of Farmer’s Behavior to Meet Food Needs Pg. 77-92
Author: Teguh Soedarto, Hamidah Hendrarini Download