IJournals: International Journal of Social Relevance & Concern (IJSRC)
Volume 9 Issue 6

1Relevance of Nehruvian Philosophy: - A Scientific Humanist
Author(s): Dr. E. Girani
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Pg: 1-6
2Epidemiological Analysis of Covid-19 Infections, Treated At the Queen Apostolorum Hospital of Albano Laziale, Rome, Italy
Author(s): Daniele Cataldi

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.6.2021.9605
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Pg: 7-17
3Study of Cases of Covid-19 Positivity, Hospitalized At the Regina Apostolorum Hospital of Albano Laziale, Rome, Italy
Author(s): Daniele Cataldi

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.6.2021.9606
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Pg: 18-29
4Prospecting and Exploration for Gold and Associated Elements in Wadi Arab, Red Sea State, Eastern Sudan
Author(s): Osman AbuaglaDaffalla Hamid; Mujzoub Ahmed Khaleifa; Satti, a, m, n; El Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Rahman; Mohamed Yahya Abdelgalil; Mohammed Azmi
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Pg: 30-49
5People Perception of Sumber Maron River Malang - Indonesia as A Tourist Destination
Author(s): Faiza Tawati Abduneser; Yenny Risjani; M.Sasmito Djati; Amin Setyo Leksono; Bagyo Yanuwiad
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Pg: 50-55
6Artistic Production in the Bamum Kindom: An Economically Oriented Ideological Hybridization
Author(s): Mama Moustapha Nchourupouo Mfouapon; Ismaïla Datidjo

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.6.2021.9607
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Pg: 56-64
7Development of the Writing Skill in English as a Second Language of Rural Formees of the Roman Catholic Church in Sri Lanka
Author(s): A.C.D’ Rosairo; Dr. C.D.H.M. Premaratna

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.6.2021.9609
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Pg: 65-74
8The Role of The Aif Forceto Manifest The World's Maritime Axis From An Air Defense Perspective
Author(s): B U D I; Dr. Deni D.A.R.; Dr. Joni Widjayanto
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Pg: 75-80
9Identification of Multicultural EducationBased on Sufistic Insights
Author(s): Hamka

DOI: 10.26821/IJSRC.9.6.2021.9608
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Pg: 81-93

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