Laser AI Based Fencing to Safeguard Animals and Farms


  • Reetu Jain


India is called an Agricultural country as a big proportion of India's population are farmers.  Farming is not an easy profession as they face many natural and consequential problems, stray animals  are one of them.

India has over 5 million stray cattle according to the livestock census data released in January 2020. The stray cow attacks on humans and crops in both urban and rural areas which is an issue for the residents. Apart from cows there are over 60 million dogs and other animals like boars, antelopes. Every year they destroy over 100 thousands acre land crops and farmers bear huge losses because of them.Farmers have to guard their crops day and night. At many places farmers use barbed wire fencing and electrocuted wire fencing to keep stray animals away from their fields but these wires can hurt innocent animals really badly and they are also very costly.

Our solution Laser AI Fencing(LAIF) tackles this problem with minimalist efforts using the latest technology AI. LAIF uses high intensity lasers and light sensors to create a virtual fence across the farm. Farmers just need to place the sensor and laser bars across the boundary of the farm. LAIF is wirelessly connected to the smartphone of the user and sends an alert signal to the user whenever any animal or intruder enters the farm. It has multiple sensors which help in detecting the size of the stray animal and accordingly tell the farmer whether it is a big animal or a small animal. LAIF divides animals into 3 main categories: large category has cows, ox, buffaloes, antelopes, medium category has deers, pigs, boars and small animals have cats and dogs. It also tells us the numbers of animals entering the farm.

LAIF is connected to the cloud via mobile app and whenever it detects any intrusion it creates an entry on the cloud with the animal type and time of intrusion. After collecting data for at least one month, the same data is used to train a machine learning model using random forest method to predict the future intrusion threats with the timing of intrusion. This will help farmers to save their crops from stray animals.

LAIF on one hand is a smart solution for an irritable problem and on the other hand it is cheaper than the other fencing techniques as it can cover a big area easily with the minimum equipment. It also helps farmers save their crops and saves stray animals from getting injured.




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