The Smart Ways of Adoption IoT and AI for Sustainable Animal Agriculture


  • Andrew Junyoung Lee Busan Foreign School


Sustainable, Animal, Agriculture, IoT, Artificial Intelligence


There is a finite amount on Earth, and if resources are exhausted, resources cannot be used afterward. We must therefore be constantly concerned with responsibility for sustainability. This paper investigated how technically sustainability can be protected especially in the livestock and pet industries. The OIE describes the concept of animal welfare as "being able to express one's original habits in healthy, comfortable, good nutrition and safe situations, and not suffering from bad conditions such as pain, fear, and bullying." To step on this idea, a preemptive future response strategy is needed to cope with climate change, improve productivity, improve animal welfare, improve animal food nutritional quality, and prevent animal diseases by utilizing ICT-based smart livestock fused with the 4th Industrial Revolution. In this paper, the latest techniques are introduced - IoT, IIoT, and AI with how they can be used in animal agriculture and the pet industry.

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