The Importance of Critical Thinking in Teaching for Informatic Students


  • Gerild QORDJA Mediterranean University of Albania, Department of Informatics and Scientific Fourmer
  • Benereta Shehu University of Tirana
  • Katerina Zela Mediterranean University of Albania, Department of Informatics and Scientific Fourmer


Critical thinking, decision making, methodology, teaching, development


The teacher plays an important role in the world of education, including the process of learning activities. Teaching pupils and students how to think is one of the main goals of educational institutions.

School and university programs are organized in such a way that pupils and students acquire the ability of critical thinking. It is already known that critical thinking is important, we can even say that it is the component of success in school, and beyond.

Critical thinking helps individuals cope with various challenges in life. This paper will present how critical thinking is developed through different teaching methods as well as a detailed explanation of critical thinking.

Innovations and rapid developments in social, economic, technological life, etc., present a challenge for teachers, who are among the first to face these changes of the century we live.

Of course, in the face of these major changes, the development of new teaching methods and tools used can be a guarantee for the provision of educational services based on the interests of the labor market, enabling the development of students' critical thinking


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