IJSHRE Volume 2 Issue 7

1. Energy Efficient Control-plane node cooperation for Multichannel MAC Protocols Pg. 1-5
  Authors: Sujata Ramesh Pudale; Meera Jadhav; Mallamma C.G View PDF  
2. Life Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Virtual Backbone Scheduling Pg. 6-11
  Authors: Anupriya N.V; Sivadasan E.T View PDF  
3. A Survey: A Time Bound RDF with Reasoning and Ontology on the Semantic Web Pg. 12-15
  Author: Manoj B C View PDF  
4. Automatic System for Stage Classification of Breast Cancer Pg. 16-20
  Author: Anjusree M.K; Riya Peter; Savitha Gopal View PDF  
5. SPARQL+ for Time Bound RDF’S Pg. 21-26
  Author: Manoj B C View PDF  
6. An Intrusion Response System for Relational Databases Based On Policy Mechanism Pg. 27-32
  Authors: Salma Sulthana; Akheel Mohammed; Mohammed Ahmed View PDF  
7. A New Lossy Method of Colored Image Compression and Decompression using Huffman Coding Techniques Pg. 33-38
  Author: Apoorva Rathore View PDF  
8.  Efficiency Optimization of 3-Ø Induction Motor Using Ann Pg. 39-43
  Authors:  K. Sriharsha; Prashant Kumar Choudhary View PDF  
 9.  Monitoring Sand Particle Concentration in Slug Flow in Horizontal Pipelines Using Acoustic Emission Technology  
  Authors:M. El-Alej; M.Elforjani; M.Alssayh; David Mba View PDF  
 10.  Cognitive Process for Evaluation of OSS
   Authors:Ravinder Kaur; Meenakshi Sharma View PDF  
 11.  An Efficient Mechanism for  IDS Alert  By Using Decision Support Techniques  
   Authors: Nanaso S. Bansode, Anil B. Pawar , Thaksen J. Parvat View PDF