1IMCCC algorithm applied to multilabel classification
Pg: 1-7
2Universal fixture for Friction Stir Welding for Conventional Milling Machine: A Review
Author(s):Mr. Sudeep S Zirmire; Dr. Arvind L. Chel
Pg: 8-13
3Proofs of Theorems Regarding Generating Functions
Author(s):Sol Kim
Pg: 14-33
4Assessment Of The Energy Parameters Of The Kalako Site In Dabola In The Republic Of Guinea For The Installation Of A Small Hydroelectric Power Station
Author(s):Yacouba Camara , Oumar Keita ,and Doussou Lancinè Traore
Pg: 34-38
5Analysis of Remote Monitoring Methods of Cracks and Joints in Rigid Structures
Author(s):Davronbekov Dilmurod; Alimdjanov Xayot
Pg: 39-44
6A Chaotic Framework for Image Encryption under Noise Attacks
Author(s):Meena Rakeshiya, Prof. Preeti Ahirwar
Pg: 45-52